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By Genevieve Verified Review

5 Jun 5, 2020

Mortgage Application

We worked with Scott and Lisa for our mortgage application. They were extremely responsive and made navigating a mortgage application during the COVID pandemic a breeze. They got us a great rate and were very pleasant to work with. Thanks so much!
Reply by Scott Westlake Dec 8, 2020
Hey! Thanks so much! We love working with you and getting to know you! Cant wait to connect again in the future and hope you and yours are doing well! Very kind words and appreciate you trusting us! TWT
By Lee Barnett Verified Review

5 Jun 2, 2020

Great Team

It has been a pleasure to work with Scott & Lisa along with the team. As a lender they are very experienced at what they do and we value our partnership with the team! would recommend them to anyone looking for a mortgage.
Reply by Scott Westlake Dec 8, 2020
Lee, We appreciate the kind words. You are so great at what you do its a pleasure that a lender feels this way about us. We love working with your group and can't wait to do more business together and help more clients and referral sources. Thank you for being such a great partner! Scott
By Sameer Verified Review

5 May 29, 2020


In my experience of dealing with Scott and Lisa they have been nothing short of wonerful to work with. They are pleasent knowledgable and take the time to explain things in great detail. Would highly recommend.
Reply by Scott Westlake Dec 8, 2020
SB - so nice to hear! We try hard! Thanks for the kinds words!!! The Westlake Team!
By Rob Verified Review

5 May 29, 2020

Incredible Team

As a lender it is an absolute pleasure to deal with Scott, Lisa, Carl and the team. They are absolute professionals. Keep up the good work. Rob
Reply by Scott Westlake Dec 8, 2020
Rob, So nice to have a lender provide some commentary. Lenders are big part of our business and you are a big part of representing your brand and helping make our clients real estate and mortgage dreams come true. Thank you! TWT
By Lisa Verified Review

5 May 25, 2020

Great service

I most recently worked with Scott and Lisa on a renewal/refinancing of a maturing mortgage that Scott helped me secure 5 years ago. Scott and Lisa did a great job of reaching out to me several months in advance of the maturity, discussing options best suited for my needs and securing rate locks in the market. This work came in handy as rates had increased by the time my mortgage was maturing. Scott and Lisa were both very responsive and helpful, particularly with some last minute concerns/changes that I brought up. I would recommend.
Reply by Scott Westlake May 29, 2020
Lisa, Thank you kindly for taking the time to leave a review. Navigating the mortgage process can be complicated but when you have great communication it makes it a lot easier. We thank you for working with The Westlake Team, TWT for your mortgage needs! If you ever need anything again, you know where to find us. Thanks for being a great customer and leaving the kind review!
By Christian Di Vito Verified Review

5 May 7, 2020

Excellent service

I had the pleasure of working with Scott and Lisa at the Westlake team. They helped guide me through the entire mortgage process admist a global crisis and q0uickly secured a fantastic rate. Not only did Scott and Lisa answer all my questions, they went above and beyond and surpassed my expectations. Thanks again Westlake team!
Reply by Scott Westlake May 29, 2020
Christian, Thank you for using The Westlake Team for your mortgage needs. We loved working with you and are always around to help in the future or with family and friends. Working with great peoples makes our job enjoyable - so thank you! Stay in touch and let us know how we can be of help when the time arises again!
By Kevin P. Verified Review

5 Apr 5, 2020

Very helpful, seamless process

I worked with both Scott and Lisa in my mortgage process and they have an incredibly prepared methodology and know exactly what will be required to get different funding scenarios approved. I can't stress enough how The Westlake Team's thoroughness and preparedness allowed me to complete a quick close during the month of March in the midst of economic fluctuations and uncertainty in the market. As a first time homebuyer I had many questions, and both Scott and Lisa were available all the time during the process to take the time to answer. I never once felt stressed about the process as The Westlake Team guided me through every step needed for a clean close. Thank you for helping me become a home owner!
Reply by Scott Westlake May 29, 2020
Kevin, We love first time home buyers. We sometimes get a reputation of only taking on large complicated mortgages but our tenure and background line us up perfectly to help first time homebuyers with their mortgage needs. We loved working with you and are excited for you to enjoy your new home. Please stay in touch. We are available to help anyone you know and thank you for using The Westlake Team for your Mortgage Needs. Chat soon. The Westlake Team
By Kris Reesor Verified Review

5 Mar 30, 2020

Thank You Westlake Team

Just closed on a new home and am very appreciative of the support Scott and his team provided. Scott was able to bring a VAST amount knowledge that I otherwise wouldn't have been aware of, which put me and my family in the best spot possible. Scott takes the time to understand your current situation and lays out a multitude of options, depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish. Thank you Scott! We also worked real close with Lisa Alphonso, who was extremely diligent in making sure everything kept on pace, right up until close. You're a rockstar Lisa!, thank you! Highly Recommended you take an intro call with Scott if you have any questions at all re: real estate. Cheers - Kris Reesor
Reply by Scott Westlake May 29, 2020
Kris, Such a great review! WOW! Thank you! We love working with great people and you and your family are certainly great to work with making our job look easy. We loved that you chose The Westlake Team for your mortgage needs and helped with the closing of your purchase. We are not too far away if you or your contacts need mortgage help in the future. Stay in touch and thank you from the entire Team!
By CD Verified Review

4 Mar 7, 2020

Very helpful and thorough

Scott and Lisa started helping us as we were looking to get pre-approved for a residential mortgage. After obtaining pre-approval, we didn't find the right house until several months later. When we got back in touch for a formal approval to wave our financing conditions, we picked up with them right where we left off. Things were relatively seamless and done in a very efficient manner. We were closely right around the Christmas holidays, and Lisa was working to ensure everything would be complete on time. The team was very knowledgeable, always responsive to questions no matter what time of day, and kept us informed as new home buyers of many moving parts. Thanks again Scott and Lisa for your help and guidance through the process. We are very happy with our home and it was a pleasure working with you both.
Reply by Scott Westlake May 29, 2020
CD, Thanks for the kind review and using The Westlake Team. We are certainly happy to work with you and thank you for being a great customer. We love that you love working with us and we are happy to have another satisfied customer. Mortgages can be complicated but working as a team goes a long way and great clients help. stay in touch and lets connect again soon! thanks The Westlake Team
By Kiran Verified Review

5 Jan 12, 2020

Excellent Client Experience!

Scott and Lisa at Westlake are true professionals that went the extra mile to get my mortgage approved and funded on time. I had a challenging residential application for an investment property given that my application involved several rental units in addition to mortgages on other properties I owned. They were diligent, responsive and ensured that we got everything done on time and with a tier 1 lender at that! They kept me updated along the way as my application progressed and made the process of satisfying the several mortgage conditions seamless. I would highly recommend them!
Reply by Scott Westlake May 29, 2020
Kiran, Thanks for the great review. Your too kind! What a fun process working with you. Complicated but fun! We have a great team to help with mortgages on rentals and when we work together its smooth. We welcome working with friends, family and other contacts in the future and are around if you need anything else in the future. Stay in touch. Thanks! The Westlake Team