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By Anna Sophia Jodhi

5 20 days ago

Quick, efficient, thorough service

Scott and Lisa are absolutely amazing! It was our first time renewing mortgage and we did not know the process at all! They were there all steps of the way to answer our paranoid questions and calm down our nerves. I would recommend them in a heartbeat and in fact I already did. Hope to work with them in the future!
By Mark N. Verified Review

5 23 days ago

Exceptional Work

Scott and Lisa demonstrated exceptional client care in all regards, from consistent and ongoing communication, to their impressive ability to execute quickly and efficiently with high quality results, even in the 11th hour of closing. I highly recommend Scott and Lisa - they are the "go to" mortgage team.
Reply by Scott Westlake 22 days ago
Mark, Thanks for the terrific review. We loved working with you and appreciate the kind words. Our mortgage brokerage looks forward to working with you and yours in the future! Keep in touch and thanks for being such a great customer of TWT! Scott Founder, The Westlake Team
By Mat Verified Review

5 2 months ago

Terrific Results & Experience

As a high net worth client who was in need of a niche product due to income restraints, getting a mortgage can be an onerous and frustrating task. I worked with Scott and Lisa both on finding a loan to secure vacant land and building loans as well as for a traditional home. In both circumstance, they took the time to explain my options and we worked to craft a strategy to ensure I would not be left - for any reason - unfinanced. I recommend this team to anyone in need of a mortgage regardless of circumstance - but especially if you are a business owner who may not fit the mold of the traditional income requirement.
Reply by Scott Westlake 22 days ago
Mat, Thanks for the kind review! We love supporting all clients but business for self mortgages and high net worth clients are certainly niches we love supporting. Financing clients that are self employed can be complicated but we think we have perfected it :) You are a great customer and friend of the brokerages and we appreciate the kind words and support! Thank you! The Westlake Team
By Jeremy Greven Verified Review

5 2 months ago


My life is anything but simple. Between employment, business, investment and rental income - it is nearly impossible to put the right checkmark in the right boxes to make a deal appealing for a lender. The Westlake team efficiently gathered the necessary details and went to work. There were some last minute challenges with the lender but the team expertly guided me through them by voice and text, giving me peace of mind on what could have been a very stressful day. Why someone _wouldn't_ use The Westlake Team is beyond me... I'll be back!
Reply by Scott Westlake 2 months ago
Jeremy, Thanks for the kind review. You are such a great client and friend to the mortgage brokerage. We love working with great people - its what makes this, at times stressfull industry, worth it! We love the property you purchased and are happy to be a small part of your real estate journey! Thanks for trusting our team and being so kind with the review! Sincerely, Scott Westlake Founder TWT
By Karen Hodder Verified Review

5 3 months ago


The Westlake Team went above and beyond for me securing financing for my new home. Scott Westlake and Lisa Alphonso listened to my requests and immediately got to work. Thanks to their hard work they were able to obtain financing opportunities that were exactly what I wanted and asked for, a secured LOC for my new home. Everything went smoothly and seamlessly at the purchase closing thanks to all their efforts. It was a lot of paperwork that they were required to obtain and organize in a rushed, short period of time and I appreciate all that they did. They were professional, knowledgeable, friendly, positive, on top of things and constantly keeping me in the loop every step of the way. I felt confident and relaxed knowing they were pursuing all available avenues to secure the best possible results and helped me choose the best choice for my financial needs. Thank you both again!
Reply by Scott Westlake 2 months ago
Karen, Thanks for the terrific review. We loved working with you! Such a great new property and such an easy and smooth process working with you. The mortgage process can be complicated and you helped make it a fun experience from start through finish! Stay in touch and keep those intro's coming in ;) Scott Westlake Founder TWt
By Mark Carter

5 4 months ago

Second Home Purchase

Scott and Lisa walked me through the different mortgage offerings and helped narrow in on the product that was right for me at a great rate. What was really great about working with them was they were excited for my purchase all the way along and were happy to answer my questions along the way.
Reply by Scott Westlake 2 months ago
Mark, Thanks for working with us, AGAIN! You're too kind! Clients that use us over and over again really show us we are doing something right. Like a lot of our clients your amazing to work with, a pleasure to work with and made the journey fun. We always love working with you! Stay in touch, congrats on the home and look forward to doing more together in the future. Cheers, Scott Westlake Founder TWT
By Andy & Tanya Vanin Verified Review

5 5 months ago

Going above and beyond.......

We were introduced to The Weslake Team to assist in originating a mortgage on an investment property with a tight closing. During the entire process, Scott and Lisa made us feel like we were long-standing clients. They were both incredibly responsive throughout the process, and Lisa was very attentive to our needs which helped alleviate a lot of stress. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Scott and Lisa, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank-you Scott (and especially Lisa :)) for all of your efforts!!!
Reply by Scott Westlake 2 months ago
Andy & Tanya, Thanks for the kind review! This last year will go down as the year of urban to suburban. We financed so many recreational properties, cottages, second homes etc. We loved being a part of your real estate journey and are lucky to have clients like you both. Thanks for the trust in our mortgage brokerage and the kind review! Cant wait to catch up and hear more about this property in due time! Sincerely, Scott Westlake Founder The Westlake Team
By Tina Powell Verified Review

5 6 months ago

Puts Customers & Community First

I’ve always been a supporter of local businesses, but when a company goes out of its way EVERY MONTH to support the community it serves, that’s impressive! Hats off to Scott and the Westlake team for always putting your customers and community first. If you’re in the market for a mortgage, see what Westlake can do for you!!! T. Powell
Reply by Scott Westlake 2 months ago
Tina, Thank you for leaving a review! You said it, we are big believers in supporting not only our clients and referral partners, but our community partners as well. Giving back is super important to our entire team and we are glad we connected with your group and making a contribution. We look forward to a long term relationship and on behalf of our entire mortgage brokerage thanks for all the work your doing as well! Sincerely, Scott TWt
By Shariq Suri Verified Review

5 8 months ago

Great Experience

I am just in the process of joining the Westlake Team as an a new agent and the process so far has been a great experience. I spoke to a few brokers during my research on which brokerage to join and Scott and Carl were just wonderful, friendly, open and transparent with all the questions I had. They were available for any question I had and always helped understand things. Lisa has been great as well and very proactive in getting all onboarding matters taken care of swiftly and efficiently. I look forward to working with the team and here is to a successful 2021.
Reply by Scott Westlake 8 months ago
Shariq, Thanks for leaving a kind review. We are excited to mentor and train you and help you become a top producing mortgage broker. Your surrounded with the best tools, technologies and infrastructure to succeed! Thanks for the kind remarks and talk soon! Scott & The Westlake Team!
By Adam McManus Verified Review

5 8 months ago

The extra mile...

The Westlake Team always goes the extra mile; be it how to help its agents grow and learn, to getting that approval quickly for a client when no one else could. I am relatively new to the industry, but in joining the Westlake Team last year, I feel I am equipped to be very successful as a mortgage agent as the Westlake Team are some of the most experienced and skilled mortgage professionals in the industry. I look forward to growing my business as a member of the amazing Westlake Team. Cheers to 2021!
Reply by Scott Westlake 8 months ago
Adam, Cheers to 2021!!! We are super excited to be working with you! You have such a great network and passion for this industry and are becoming a terrific mortgage broker! A lot of our customers wonder how we stay so sharp and its by training and mentoring great up and coming brokers like yourself that push us to learn more and be better to help you and us grow which naturally benefits our clients and referral sources! Cheers! Scott & The Westlake Team