By Andy Taylor

5 Feb 1, 2023

A Conssumate Professional Focus on Finding the Best Solutions

Scott, Yet again, you have been instrumental in helping Jodi and my client successfully finance and close his residential transaction. During these increasing rate period, you guided our client Brian to find the best rate with the best terms that fits his needs. Brian has been raving about your service and this reflects extremely well on Jodi and I as his real estate advisors. Thank you Scott and Team for being such an amazing partner! Andy Taylor and Jodi Allen

Reply by Scott Westlake Feb 1, 2023
Andy, Thanks for the kind comments from you and Jodi! It means a lot coming from two of the top realtors at Sothebys! Working with your clients is always a great experience! We appreciate the trust and support and more than anything the friendship. We look forward to working together for many years to come - supporting Canadians creating wealth and a place to call home, through home ownership