By Andrew Singleton

5 18 days ago

A business & friendship of 20+ Years

It's not everyday you get to enjoy both personal and business relationships together but I sit here writing this review in our new cottage in which Scott both advised on and secured lending for during the 2020 pandemic. Yes we are 'Highschool' friends BUT that doesn't mean our lending requirements for our families first townhome in 04', then first home in '08 and now our first cottage in 20' would automatically be awarded to Scott and his team. In fact, the reason we continue to utilize Scott's services since 2004 is because he cares, he's invested in fulfilling our needs and giving us the best service and price he can offer, repeatedly! My wife, Dana, and I would gladly field any questions from someone looking to use Scott and the Westlake Team for the first time so we too can return the support he has shown us over the past 20+ years. We wish you a bright and successful future!